Could McLaren face further charges?

According to Autosport they could, and if they do, what form will they take?

After Lewis’s apology earlier today, having been disqualified from the Australian Grand Prix and losing his points, and maybe most damaging of all, the loss of faith from the viewing public; hasn’t Lewis Hamilton been punished enough? Yes I am a Lewis Hamilton fan and I suppose I can’t deny a bit of bias, even if it’s subconscious, but I do think he has and will continue to pay for his actions of last Sunday.

What Lewis did was naive and foolish, but in the heat of the moment and under the guidance of Dave Ryan, what he did was never malicious nor was it a danger to any other driver.

Lewis Hamilton drove a superb race in Melbourne and used every ounce of skill, took advantage of every chance that came his way and achieved 4th place in a race he was given no chance in. He gained valuable points for both himself in the Driver’s Championship and McLaren in the Constructor’s Championship – all of which have been stripped away leaving both driver and constructor with zero points and a severely tarnished reputation.

This leads to the next question, should McLaren be punished as a team for what happened, for the actions of their driver under instruction from one of their senior team members, and if so, what should that entail? Well, they’ve already lost points as we discussed earlier, and back in 2007 they were disqualified from the Constructor’s Championship for what was affectionately called Spygate, but that would seem a bit severe for this particular situation wouldn’t it?

While I would like to think it will be the end of the matter, I do think if this goes to the World Motor Sport Council that McLaren will face further charges. I don’t think it will be a season long ban for either driver or constructor but it could involve a hefty fine and/or disqualification of Constructor points in future races. I’m far from an expert on Formula 1 rules, regulations and disciplinary processes, but I do think the suspension of Dave Ryan will be seen as an attempt at damage limitation by McLaren and they will face further consequences.

As a fan of McLaren and Lewis Hamilton or not, you must be a fan of Formula 1 to be reading this blog, do you think McLaren and Lewis Hamilton have paid for their actions or should they be punished further?


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