Race Prediction: Lewis Hamilton to finish high up in Sepang

While controversy continues to be rife I think I’d prefer to start looking towards the race – there’s nothing more I can say about the revelations of today that isn’t being covered on 99% of Formula 1 websites already. I’m by no means forgetting what’s happened, just as a fan of Formula 1 racing I’d like to start looking forward to the actual races, where I hope McLaren can go some way to bolstering their image in the public eye once again.

If you don’t already know, Team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes have an official presence on Twitter: @TheFifthDriver. Earlier today they Tweeted the following:

Weather here has been incredible – HUGE thunderstorms and lashing rain. If the weather is like this during the race, it will be CRAZY!

Think back to Japan in 2007, and more recently Monaco in 2008 – if there is one driver who thrives in bad weather conditions it’s Lewis Hamilton.

By the second practice (P2) earlier today Hamilton was the 11th fastest, and McLaren teammate Heikki Kovalainen was 9th. While this is not necessarily an indication of what will happen in qualifying tomorrow and the race on Sunday, it’s certainly encouraging.

There is also KERS to consider, which Hamilton seemed to master more than anyone else in Melbourne last week. With the long straights in Penang, utilising KERS to their maximum potential will be another factor in his favour.

While there’s no doubt that Brawn GP are the team to beat, that Ferrari are looking strong with the two quickest times in P2, and that teams like Red Bull, Toyota, BMW and Williams look to have McLaren’s number – I have a feeling that Hamilton will come away from this week with a critic silencing performance in the Malaysian Grand Prix on Sunday. I’ll be doing a rain dance all weekend, because if it stays dry I think both Hamilton and Kovalainen will struggle to keep up.


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