McLaren in the news – 11th April 2009

Max Mosely Could Determine McLaren’s Fate and Hamilton’s Future After Scandal @ Auto Racing Daily
Saturday 11th April 2009
Lewis Hamilton’s future at McLaren Mercedes, in the wake of the cheating scandal at the Australian Grand Prix, depends on the interaction between five key personalities.

The allegations that Hamilton, under the instruction of Dave Ryan, the McLaren sporting director who has since been sacked, tried to cheat Jarno Trulli, out of third place in Melbourne have unleashed powerful emotional forces that threaten to destroy a relationship that Hamilton had often said he hoped would last all his career in Formula One. (read more…)

Hamilton and Ryan denied more than once at F1 hearing @ The Star Online Sports
Saturday 11th April 2009
LONDON: New evidence emerged on Thursday shedding further light on the McLaren ‘Liegate’ scandal with the publication of the first account of what took place at the fateful second stewards hearing in Sepang.

A report on revealed to what extent Lewis Hamilton and former sporting director Dave Ryan stuck to their initial story that Jarno Trulli had taken it upon himself to overtake the McLaren in Australia. (read more…)

Whiting says Lewis apologised to him @ ITV F1
Friday 10th April 2009
FIA race director Charlie Whiting has revealed that Lewis Hamilton has apologised to him personally for his role in the Melbourne scandal that has thrown McLaren into turmoil.

Hamilton was disqualified from third in Australia after he and McLaren sporting director Dave Ryan were found to have misled the stewards into believing that Jarno Trulli had illegally overtaken him behind the safety car, when in fact Hamilton had slowed and allowed him to pass on his team’s instruction. (read more…)

The Debate: Should Lewis leave McLaren? Ed responds @ Time Online Formula One Blog
Friday 10th April 2009
When the office asked me to do a response to the debate on a weekly basis I thought it would be fairly straightforward and not too time-consuming. Well I certainly got that wrong, given the volume of comments we are now regularly getting. This one has produced some excellent discussion and views on, what for British Formula One fans at least, is the big issue of the day and something that remains unresolved as a I write on Good Friday in wet West Sussex, with China just a few days away (and after that Bahrain). (read more…)

McLaren to stay quiet at appeal @ Setanta Sports F1
Friday 10th April 2009
McLaren have revealed that they will not actively contribute to next week’s International Court of Appeal (ICA) hearing on the Formula 1 diffuser row.

Eight teams, including McLaren, will attend the hearing, the purpose of which is to finally decide if the rear diffuser designs of the Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams cars fall within F1’s regulations. (read more…)


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