Chinese Grand Prix: Hamilton Fastest in P1

It’s been a really busy week for me so the blog I had planned for Tuesday, titled ‘McLaren – now is the time for a diffuser’, never happened. Low and behold, one of the two big bits of McLaren news from yesterday (the other being the resignation of Ron Dennis from the F1 part of McLaren) was that McLaren have indeed added a diffuser to the MP4-24, as can be seen below…

The new diffuser

The new diffuser

Move on to Shanghai and Free Practice 1 has just finished with Lewis Hamilton leading the board as the fastets of the 20 drivers, with team mate Heikki Kova laienen doing almost as well in 4th place. It was the Brawn GP drivers, Button and Barichello, that split the 2 McLaren drivers.

Free Practice 2 starts in just a few minutes but so far things are looking good for McLaren and they are hitting the headlines for the right reasons.

While their April 26th meeting with the FIA still looms, it’s great to see McLaren making huge steps in the right direction as far as the racing is concerned. I just hope that the great form continues through P2, P3 and onto the actual race tomorrow.


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