Qualifying: Hamilton 9th, Kovalainen 12th

After finishing P3 in second, Lewis Hamilton went on to qualify for tomorrow’s Chinese Grand Prix 9th on the grid. When the fuel loads were released a few hours later it became evident that Lewis’s car was fuelled heavier than the cars in front of him, considerably so in some cases.

Kovalainen qualified in 12th, though it does appear that one of the Red Bulls held him up, for which there could be an enquiry. Bit of a novel concept to have an enquiry that could go in favour of McLaren, they won’t know what’s hit them! Interestingly the 2 Red Bulls finished qualifying in 1st and 3rd (Vettel taking pole), so a penalty for either of them would be crushing. I’m just hoping Heikki can at least complete one whole lap in tomorrow’s race, something that has eluded him in the last 2 races.

With an interim diffuser and a new front wing, it seems Lewis is well on his way to driving a competitive car once again. Add in his superior driving skills and this season is not going to be such a downer for McLaren than a lot of people were thinking, and probably hoping for!


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