Hamilton takes 4th place & 5 points in Bahrain Grand Prix

We’ve had family up this weekend so for the first time in a while I wasn’t able to watch the Grand Prix live. That said, I have just finished watching it on delay and I was delighted to see Lewis Hamilton come in 4th, one place higher than his qualifying position of 5th.

Hamilton’s race started well as he went from 5th up to 3rd, but soon want back to 4th place as Button over took and went on to take the lead and win the race, ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Jarno Trulli. Hamilton seemed to have the pace when up close and personal, and I think it’ll be just a few more races until he’s able to compete for the lead, Spain will be an interesting race for McLaren and a lot of the other teams.

Kovalainen didn’t have such a great race, finishing in 12th, one place lower than his qualifying place of 11th. It could have been worse, at one point he was almost at the back of the field. He doesn’t seem to be making the most of the improvements McLaren are making, or maybe his car hasn’t been fitted with the same new parts Hamilton’s has.

Hamilton now has 9 points and is in 7th place in the Drivers’ Championship, while Kovalainen is in 10th with 4 points. Hamilton trails Championship leader Jenson Button by 22 points. In the Constructors’ Championship McLaren Mercedes are in 4th with 13 points, 37 points behind leaders Brawn Mercedes.

The next race is on 10th May in Spain, a race where teams traditionally come fitted with new bits of kits and performance improvements, let’s hope McLaren have just that. Of course before that McLaren have their hearing with the FIA on April 29th to discuss what happened at the Australian Grand Prix and the incident between Hamilton and Trulli – as a fan of McLaren, Hamilton and racing in general, I really do hope it won’t result in any race bans.


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