McLaren: Year on Year Comaprison – Race 4

With the Bahrain Grand Prix having taken place this past weekend, it’s time to compare progress this year, against the same point in the F1 season 2008.

2008 2009
LH HK McLaren LH HK McLaren
TOTAL 20 14 34 TOTAL 9 4 13
Australian 10 4 14 Australian 0 0 0
Malaysian 4 6 10 Malaysian 1 0 1
Bahrain 0 4 4 Chinese 3 4 7
Spanish 6 0 6 Bahrain 5 0 5

The table above shows how many points were gained from each race, by each driver, and also the total points scored to date by each driver and the total for McLaren as a team.

After 4 races in 2008, Hamilton was in 2nd place with 20 points in the Drivers’ Championship and Kovalainen was in 6th place on 14 points. After 4 races in 2009, Hamilton is in 7th place with 9 points, and Kovalainen is in 10th place with 4 points. Interestingly, in 2008, Hamilton was 2nd to Raikkonen who had a lead of 9 points, with 29 points. This season Raikkonen is back in 12th place after picking up his only points of 2009 so far in Bahrain, coming in 6th and picking up 3 points. Also in 2008, Ferrari team mate Massa was 4th with 18 points and is yet to score a point in 2009.

In the Constructors’ Championship, after 4 races in 2008, McLaren Mercedes had amassed 34 points and were in 3rd place. In 2009 they have 13 points, and are sitting in 4th place, 37 points behind 1st place Brawn GP. In 2008 Ferrari were in 1st place with 47 points, but this season have only the 3 points that Raikkonen got in Bahrain and are only ahead of Force India who are yet to score a point.

Today is the day that McLaren, represented only by Martin Whitmarsh, face the FIA and face possible further punishment for the incident between Hamilton and Trulli at the Australian Grand Prix in the first race of the season. There have been rumours ranging from £10 million fines to 2 race bans or 30 point deductions. While none are an ideal option, as a race fan I hope the fine is the one that comes to fruition, if any. That way Hamilton and Kovalainen can still race and keep the points they have fought hard for.

With the Spanish Grand Prix in 11 days I’m hoping both drivers will be racing and that McLaren can continue their improving form, the 2009 season is only just getting going, there is still time for McLaren to make an impact.


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