McLaren: Year on Year Comparison – The Season

With the season now over I thought I’d resurrect the Year on Year Comparisons and see how 2009 compared to 2009. With 2008 being a Championship winning year for Lewis Hamilton and a much better year all round for McLaren I’m not expecting revelations, but inspired by Making Up The Numbers I am going to add in a few pretty graphs for your added visual pleasure!

First, let’s look at the whole season:


McLaren Season Comparison

Obviously there was one race less this year, but that aside it’s clear to see the performance difference between this season and last. Quite interesting to see that the most points scored in one race is 14 points, in both 2008 and 2009. That elusive 1-2 seems to be eluding them, in fact a less elusive 1-3 hasn’t happened in the past 2 seasons either. Let’s now see how the points per race average differ from between seasons:


Average Points Per Race

While the numbers are low compared to last season they do the second half the season an injustice, at least for Lewis Hamilton anyway. This next graph shows the accumulation of points through the season and in particular it’s worth noting the sharp increase in the second half of the season, especially by Hamilton.


Race by Race

Hamilton earned 9 points in the first 9 races and 40 in the next 8 races, If he’d have had the same form in the first part of the season he’d have ended the season with 85 points, which would have him in 2nd place behind Jenson Button. However, those extra points would no doubt have come at the expense of Button so arguably if Hamilton and McLaren had started the season how they finished then Hamilton would have retained his World Drivers Championship in 2009.


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