Lewis Hamilton Voted Number 1 F1 Driver in 2009 by 2 Publications

Despite the not so impressive first half of the season, it seems the Formula 1 world have recognised that the car was to blame and not Lewis Hamilton. This was evident in the second half of the season when improvements to his McLaren MP4-24 saw Hamilton back on top again, twice, in Hungary and Singapore, and competing for the top spot in most other races.

Hamilton thanks his car for victory in Hungary
[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=lewis+hamilton+hungary&iid=5601667″ src=”4/0/d/7/F1_Grand_Prix_d359.jpg?adImageId=7702977&imageId=5601667″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

Lewis Hamilton has been voted the number 1 Formula 1 driver of 2009 by not one, but two of the most prestigious publications in motorpsort.

Arguably the number 1 motorsports magazine in the world has a 2009 Formula 1 season review issue out at the moment which rates the top 10 drivers of 2009. At number 1 is Lewis Hamilton. The 9 drivers below him were rated as follows:

2 – Jenson Button
3 – Sebastian Vettel
4 – Mark Weber
5 – Robert Kubica
6 – Fernando Alonso
7 – Felipe Massa
8 – Kimi Raikkonen
9 – Rubens Barrichello
10 – Nico Rosberg

Very interesting top ten indeed – I’ll be picking up my copy tomorrow to see what justification there is for Barrichello being in only 9th place. Sure he didn’t do as well as team mate Button but he did his part to ensure Brawn GP won the constructors championship and towards the end of the season he was a better driver than Button himself. Also, Kubica in 5th – was that based on Brazil alone?

You can flick through a tiny version od the current issue over at Autosport.com

GP Week
If you didn’t know already, GP Week is a free, yes FREE, online publication with excellent written content and superb photos. They have rated the top 5 Formula 1 drivers of 2009, and like Autosport have Lewis Hamilton taking the number 1 spot. The other 5 are as follows:

2 – Sebastian Vettel
3 – Jenson Button
4 – Mark Weber / Rubens Barrichello
5 – Sebastian Buemi

The first thing you’ll notice is the inclusion of 2 drivers at #4 – there’s your top 5 there guys, but I will let you off as the extra driver is Buemi who performed very well considering his absolute dog of a car. Interesting to see they rate Rubens Barrichello a lot higher than Autosport, and rightly so in my mind.

So, anyone agree or disagree with the two sets of rankings?



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2 responses to “Lewis Hamilton Voted Number 1 F1 Driver in 2009 by 2 Publications

  1. I agree 100% with Lewis being the best driver of the season.  I have to go back in my mind to Schumacher at Benetton to recall a similar skill at bringing a car home in a place higher than its engineering deserved.

    For me, Vettel really grew as a driver this season, as did Weber.  The former has a World Chamionship Title ahead of him, surely, and I put them second and third respectively.

    Fourth and fifth I put Rubens and Jenson in either place.  Both benefitting hugely from a car in a league of it’s own at the start of the season with the balance of results being restored as McLaren and Reb Bull improved.  As the Brawn stopped being quite so perfect, Rubens’ adaptability showed and Jenson’s lack of became apparent.  That’s why I can’t put one above the other.   

    • Steve (McLaren Fan)

      For a Hamilton fan it’s hard for me to be 100% objective at times but this season he really grew and benefited from not being in the best car. His relentless desire to win may have gone a bit too far from time to time but it’s that determination that makes him such an exciting driver and enables him to gain positions he had no right to be in – truly remarkable.

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