Poll: Who will get more Points for McLaren in 2010 – Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button?

In the past 2 seasons, with Heikki Kovalainen as his team mate, all the smart money has been on Lewis Hamilton to bring the lion’s share of the points home for McLaren and that has proved right. Now Kovalainen has been replaced by Jenson Button, the current world drivers champion, does that mean Lewis Hamilton’s position as the number 1 driver at McLaren is under threat and will he win more points than Hamilton next season?



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4 responses to “Poll: Who will get more Points for McLaren in 2010 – Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button?

  1. rubbergoat

    Hamilton’s gonna do it – the team is going to be built around him, as McLaren have done with him and others in the past…

  2. Steve (McLaren Fan)

    I think so, I think Button is going to get a reality check in qualifying for a start.

    I do wonder if having whole race fuel from the start may make a difference – Button is known for his smooth driving, much more so than Hamilton, and that could help get better use out of the tyres.

  3. Hi,

    Nice to be making my first comment, I’ve been looking around online for a place to share some friendly interaction with other McLaren fans 🙂

    I agree, I think Lewis will get more points than Jenson this season.

    I don’t see the different driving styles being as tough for McLaren as some people believe.
    McLaren have managed similar situations to this quite successfully in the past, the finesse of Prost and the aggression of Senna (do I need to start putting an A in front of Senna nowadays?!) springing straight to mind. I see Lewis and Jenson as a very similar pairing to Prost and Senna, and McLaren will be able to cope with this.
    That said, I take the point about heavy starting fuel loads and the impact this will have on Lewis’s tyres.

    What is undeniable is that Lewis’s driving style is faster, and more adaptable should the car start to misbehave. Jenson is very fast, but only at his best when the car is absolutely perfect, a fact which was evident during the second half of last season.

    • Steve (McLaren Fan)

      Hi Chris

      I’m intrigued by your website, and looking forward to seeing it too! Must admit, when I first started this blog I thought there would be more of an online presence for McLaren fans, but alas – there wasn’t!

      I wasn’t paying too much attention to Formula 1 during the Senna/Prost days, much to my disappointment after reading about that period. I have read recently a lot of people saying Button’s move to McLaren is a bad one, but history seems to show that of all the teams out there, McLaren seem to cope with two big egos and talented drivers more than better than most. Hey, they managed to still come 2nd and 3rd when Alonso threw his toys from the pram, they’d have had the championship if not for El Tantrum.

      You’re right about Button, and in a complete contrast Hamilton puts in 110% to get whatever he can out of whatever car he is give, whether that be an absolute dog or a potential race winner.

      Do we really have to wait till March for the new season? Let’s just hope testing goes a bit beter this season.

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