McLaren Moments #3 – ‘Lie-gate’

Let’s quickly list the main points:

  • The last lap of the Australian Grand Prix was under safety car conditions
  • Jarno Trulli went off the track so Lewis Hamilton overtook him, a legal manoeuvre
  • McLaren told Hamilton to give the place back to Trulli, they didn’t need to do this
  • On realising they didn’t need to give the place back, McLaren protested, saying Trulli overtook under safety car conditions
  • Hamilton was awarded 3rd place
  • When called in front of the FIA, Dave Ryan told Hamilton to lie and say that Trulli overtook him
  • The radio communication was found, and showed McLaren did tell Hamilton to give the place back to Trulli
  • Dave Ryan was suspended and then let go from McLaren, Hamilton was disqualified from the Australian Grand Prix and McLaren were given a 3 race suspended sentence
  • Lewis Hamilton at the press conference in Malaysia
    [picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=lewis+hamilton+malaysia+2009&iid=4444279″ src=”2/7/e/a/PicImg_F1_Grand_Prix_62cd.jpg?adImageId=8898471&imageId=4444279″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

    This was a low point for McLaren, for Lewis Hamilton and as a McLaren Fan. The very post of this blog covered my initial thoughts of what happened and can be read here. As much as it felt like the world had come crashing down around Hamilton and McLaren, they got over this, and as the season went on Lewis Hamilton grew into a very mature Formula 1 driver, one that we could once again be proud of.


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