The New McLaren MP4-25 Photo

Very late with this, given that the launch was 6 days ago, but here for your viewing pleasure is the awesome looking and very long MP4-25:

McLaren MP4-25

Both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button were present at the launch on Friday 29th January and unveiled the new MP4-25. Over at the McLaren website they have pubished interviews with both Lewis and Jenson, on what they think about the new car and the season ahead. Here’s a teaser courtesy of

What do you think of the new car?

Lewis Hamilton “It looks brilliant. I’ve seen just how much effort and attention has gone into making this car what it is, we’ve been pushing like crazy to find the performance and I think you can see for yourselves that the result is something that looks very special, and very uncompromising. Of course, it’s still too early to tell exactly how we’ll fare against our rivals, but, after the pace we showed in the second half of last year, I feel very confident that we’ll be able to maintain that momentum, and that we’ll have a very competitive season.”

This is the first time you’ve seen the car with the world champion’s number one on the nosecone, how does that make you feel?

Jenson Button “It feels fantastic! Winning the world championship last year was such a momentous achievement for me, but the winter has gone so quickly, I’ve been so busy and so focused on the year ahead, that the 2009 season already feels such a long time ago. It all still feels slightly surreal.

“But it’s an incredible feeling. I’m incredibly proud to be standing here today knowing I’ll be carrying the number one for the whole season: that’s a great responsibility but also a great honour. It’s something I’m relishing. It looks so cool too!”

For more photos of the McLaren MP4-25 and the launch, take a look at the fantastic coverage from

McLaren themselves have out together an online press pack for the MP4-25 which can be seen here.

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