McLaren F1 Merchandise – Don’t Accept Imitations!

Ever been to The Range? You know the shop – part garden centre, part flea market! Anyway, I visited the store near my office today and found this atrocity:

NOT a McLaren MP4-25

For just £2.99 you can purchase this pathetic attempt to mimic a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 car. Sorry, in this case the main sponsor are in fact Volatile!? Here are a few close-up shots:

Definitely NOT a McLaren MP4-25

Really NOT a McLaren MP4-25

This is what a real replica should look like:

The Real Deal

If you want an authentic replica of a McLaren Formula 1 car then avoid The Range and get yourself over to the Official Vodafone McLaren Mercedes eShop and avoid disappointment.



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22 responses to “McLaren F1 Merchandise – Don’t Accept Imitations!

  1. But it has friction power!

    Actually the funniest thing must be the way they’ve changed ‘Vodafone’ into ‘Volatile’…

    Great find.

    • Steve (McLaren Fan)

      Could have done with that Friction Power during the first half of last season!

      Thanks for the link from F1 Fanatic – visits have gone through the roof!

  2. lendmeyourcreditcardGary

    he he he!!! Volatile!!! ;)this has to be a Spanish pi55 take surely!!!! very funny tho!! #:)

  3. Yeah I saw these at my local $2 shop. They also had imitation Renaults and Ferraris.

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  5. Nice post! I really like your posting.
    i will come back to read more of your posts.


  6. MartyP

    How amusing that Santander’s sponsorship remains unchanged!

  7. mr. c.

    i like that it doesn’t have front wheel bins.

    ahead of its time 🙂

  8. Ashley Edwards

    Well Volatile is ment to be vodafone, World 1 is Mobile 1, Tremendous R.C is mercedes benz but KEMP is that hugo boss?

  9. Dougie

    Not all 4 year olds can afford the 40 plus quid that McLaren charge for a “replica”, for that matter do they even care that it’s a replica as it flies off the kitchen and smashes into the wall.

    In which case 3 quid seems awfully good value. Our wee boy has 3 of them… Ferrari, McLaren & Renault “look a likes”… and loves them.

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