McLaren Hoody Voting Round 2 – The Final Five

EDIT @ 1pm Wednesday 24th: Voting has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a design, they have all been amazing. Due to the number of designs and the fact that we had 5 runaway winners, we are now moving to round 2 of the voting on the way to the all new McLaren hoody that will go on sale at McLaren eShop. Inspired by McLaren fans, made by McLaren and worn by McLaren fans.

The 5 designs to choose from are shown in alphabetical order – click the images to go to a bigger version.

Vote: @honeybee85

Vote: @LauraCow

Vote: @matt_bacon_ #2

Vote: @matt_bacon_ #3

Vote: @monkeyjelly

Now there are only 5 designs to choose between you only get 1 vote, so think carefully, and make your vote count.



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8 responses to “McLaren Hoody Voting Round 2 – The Final Five

  1. how come we cant see the results? thanks or will you tell us when the competition ends? when does the competition end? thanks i want to get one of these hoddies all of the look amazing

    • Steve (McLaren Fan)

      We’ve kept the results hidden so that when we announce winner(s) it won’t already be known, and to stop the results swaying people’s votes.

      Voting ends 1pm tomorrow.

  2. Vee

    Do you know how much they will charge?

  3. Sarah

    Is there going to be 3 winners then those three get designed into 3 separate hoodies for the final vote like it explained before, or is it just the one winner now?

    • Steve (McLaren Fan)

      The 3 winners will be used to make proper hoody designs by McLaren for a final round of voting, at that point the winner gets made into an actual hoody which fans will be able to buy.

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