McLaren hoody voting round 2 – the results are in!

Thanks to everyone who entered a design, and to the thousands, yes thousands, of people who voted. Voting is now closed and without further ado, here is how you ranked the 5 designs that made it through to round 2 – though you are no doubt aware of how things work by now, if you click any of the images you’ll get a bigger version.

5th @LauraCow

4th @matt_bacon_ #2

3rd @honeybee85

2nd @monkeyjelly

1st @matt_bacon_ #3

Congratulations! It’s now over to McLaren eShop who will be taking the top 3 entries and making them into actual designs for a final voting – the winner at that point becomes the all new Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Hoody.

Be sure to follow @McLaren_eShop and @thefifthdriver on Twitter for official updates from the McLaren F1 team. With final testing in Barcelona starting tomorrow there’s sure to be some great Tweets coming our way, and remember, it’s only a little more than 2 weeks until the first F1 race weekend of 2010 in Bahrain.



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8 responses to “McLaren hoody voting round 2 – the results are in!

  1. any idea when these will be made, and are these single versions of the hoody with the actual material or a computer desigined one of what it will look like thanks 🙂

    • Steve (McLaren Fan)

      It will be the final winning design that will be made into an actual hoody.

      • cool!, at first i thought monkeyjelly’s design, but then i thought it would probably be a novelty hoodie that i wouldnt wear out in places whereas honeybee’s design is casual and unlike most of the clothing has a mclaren logo, and like the T’s and Caps has the Lewis Signiture thing, so im swayed between both and will have a hard choice to make when the voting comenses for the final time.

  2. thewizardweb

    Ha ! Ha ! Just got around to looking at these and I am so wanting a Lewis version of @monkeyjelly ‘s design ! Probably a pig to make but it’s so much more fun than the others !

    Maybe if it was a hit, there could be classic Senna and Hakkinen versions too !

    • Steve (McLaren Fan)

      I can’t wait to see the pro designs of all 3 – whoever wins, there’s going to be one fine looking McLaren hoody available soon.

  3. jamesb94

    I have to admit that the winner is actually my favourite. Although, I’d say the Ferrari Puma clothes beat the McLaren ones.

    • Steve (McLaren Fan)

      Only problem with the Ferrari clothing is the Ferrari badge – this hoody will represent the 2010 F1 Champion winning team: McLaren 😀

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