McLaren in the News – 10th March 2010

Button: Lewis doesn’t have an edge @
Wednesday 10th March 2010
Jenson Button has once again dismissed suggestions that Lewis Hamilton will start the new season with an edge over him.

Sir Jackie Stewart recently claimed “Lewis will be the natural No 1” at McLaren while Nigel Mansell believes “Jenson will take a few races to get up to speed with the car”.

Button, though, insists the team have done everything possible to make him feel at home and says he’ll start the season on equal footing with Hamilton.

“I don’t think there’s an edge, particularly,” he told the official Formula One website. “Of course, Lewis knows the team, and he feels very much at home here, but the team has done everything it possibly can to make sure that we receive equal treatment and equipment. (read more…)

McLaren admit to ‘contingency’ plan over rear wing dispute @
Wednesday 10th March 2010
McLaren-Mercedes has confirmed that whilst it is 100 per cent ‘confident’ in the legality of the disputed rear wing on its F1 2010 MP4-25 contender, it is nonetheless taking an alternative package to the curtain-raising Bahrain Grand Prix at Sakhir this weekend since ‘you just never know what the stewards are going to do on the day’.

The point of contention is a slot above the driver’s helmet that diverts air flow away from the rear wing in an effort to reduce drag and thereby increase downforce – and by extension add roughly 6mph to the car’s straight-line speed figure. A number of rival teams have called the device into question, and whilst nowhere near as great an issue as the double-decker diffuser row that blighted the early stages of the 2009 season, still clarification from the governing body is required. (read more…)

Button looks to Bahrain @ viagogo
Tuesday 9th March 2010
Jenson Button, the reigning Formula 1 world champion, has sent out a message to his title rivals ahead of the start of his championship defence on Sunday.

The new F1 season gets underway at Bahrain and, the coveted champion’s number one adorning his car for the first time, Button is anxious to pick up where he left off last season.

He told the Mirror: “I’m really looking forward to getting in my car on Friday morning in Bahrain knowing I’m world champion. It’s a responsibility and an honour but it’s something I’m going to enjoy as long as I can. (read more…)

Why stakes are high for Jenson Button & Lewis Hamilton @ F1
Monday 8th March 2010
The pairing of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button at McLaren this year is potentially explosive.

Both have an inner certainty that they are the best in the business – but they can’t both be right.

In the past, pairings of two megastars in a race-winning car have resulted in volcanic fall-out. As one of those drivers is presented with stark evidence that fails to meet with his own inner certainty, so things tend to get very difficult – and the driver on the losing end tends never to be quite the same again. (read more…)


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