Qualifying: Australia 2010 – Jenson P4, Lewis P11 & Lewis Hamilton has a police incident

Yesterday, Friday 26th March 2010, Lewis Hamilton was pulled over by the police in Melbourne, Australia and quoted as saying afterwards:

I was driving in an over-exuberant manner and, as a result, was stopped by the police. What I did was silly, and I want to apologise for it.

This would apparently not affect his qualifying today but one has to wonder if that is true after Hamilton failed to get through to the P3 after being only 11th fastest in P2. In fact the official word from the McLaren camp after qualifying was that yesterday’s run in with the police had affected Lewis going into qualifying. Jenson Button made it through to P3 and lines up 4th on the grid for tomorrow’s race, with Sebastian Vettel on pole, Mark Weber in 2nd and Fernando Alonso in 3rd.

Lewis Hamilton in Australia

Photo Credit: www.mclaren.com

Earlier in the week I entered the @McLaren_eShop prediction contest with an entry of Lewis Hamilton to come 2nd, and Jenson Button 5th. I’m thinking a few miracles may have to happen tomorrow for that to come true. However, with that notorious first turn at Albert Park a few of the cars in front of 2008 Champion Hamilton could fall by the wayside.

It’ll be interesting to see how Jenson Button fairs against the Ferraris of Fernando Alonso in front of him and Felipe Massa behind him. They were clearly faster in Bahrain but Massa did struggle a bit in qualifying with P5 being quite flattering of his overall performance this morning,

Jenson Button at Albert Park

Photo Credit: www.mclaren.com

After the Bahrain GP I’d have put money (I didn’t) on Lewis qualifying ahead of Jenson, who seemed very uncomfortable in his McLaren MP4-25. However, it’s the 2009 Champion who is flying the flag for McLaren after this morning’s qualifying session and as a driver he seems much more at ease with his car.

After winning in Australia in 2008, Lewis Hamilton is having a run of bad luck – let’s hope he puts that to rest in the actual race tomorrow.



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7 responses to “Qualifying: Australia 2010 – Jenson P4, Lewis P11 & Lewis Hamilton has a police incident

  1. Oh dear for Lewis. Following last years disaster and then this weekend, he might not show up next year! Ok, he will have the choice of tyres, but if Bahrain was anything, then its not looking good for even the smell of a podium!
    My money is on Mark…to win…maybe…well…I hope so.


  2. timsculthorpe

    Everyone is allowed a poor qualifying session from time to time. It’ll be a shame if Lewis gets stuck in the train but a bit of luck and some weather could make him very entertaining.

    The Jenson/Fernando fight’s got huge potential.

    • If Lewis has his head in the game tomorrow he could quite easily make up some places and I imagine he’ll go all out – knowing Lewis he won’t be content just to make up one or two places, he’ll have a podium in mind! If it goes really well he could well be up amongst the McLaren/Ferrari battle with Jenson, but I might be getting a bit carried away there!

      • I just hope he’s able to make the passes we all know he’s capable of. If the airflow round the cars keeps them as far apart as in Bahrain, he’s really going to struggle. The forecast looks encouraging, with a chance of rain, but the omens weren’t good at the first race.

        Though if Lewis can get himself on the same bit of road as Schumacher, I suspect he might have more fun than chasing a podium!

      • I’d love him to go toe to toe with Schumacher and I’d like to see Schumacher’s reaction to having an attacking Hamilton on his tail!

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