From Disappointment to Elation in China

The biggest problem with not blogging on race day is that I tend to forget things 24 hours on, but I’ll try my best! First and foremost, what an awesome performance in China from Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton to come in 1st and 2nd respectively – the first McLaren 1-2 since the 2007 Malaysian Grand Prix where Fernando Alonso won the race, with Lewis Hamilton coming in 2nd.

It was a contrast of driving, with a serene drive from the front, after some tyre change fiascos, for Button, compared to the aggressive and attacking race from Hamilton. It was another Button initiated tyre change strategy which eventually saw him win the race, just 1 second ahead of his team mate. Though Hamilton may not have won, he once again provided the entertainment as he out on yet another over taking master class, the highlight of which was the two times he successfully overtook Michael Schumacher.

Lewis Hamilton in China

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One massive positive to take away from Shanghai is the speed of the McLaren MP4-25 which seemed to be up there with the best, and in the control of Lewis Hamilton went like a rocket at times. In the last few laps of the race he caught up to Jenson Button so much that I thought he may try to take the win away from his team mate, but settled for second in the end. If they can sort out their qualifying we could see many more McLaren 1-2 finishes this season, and as Hamilton fan I’ll be hoping to see him taking the win next time. Still, it was a great performance from Jenson Button as he became the first driver to win 2 races this season as he looks to retain the World Championship he won in 2009.

Jenson Button Wins The Chinese Grand Prix

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After the subdued season opener in Bahrain we’ve now had 3 exciting races in a row, though with the Spanish Grand Prix next that trend may not continue. It will be more important than ever for McLaren to do well in qualifying, as even the over taking maestro that is Lewis Hamilton may struggle to make up many places in Spain, should he need to. Let’s just hope the volcanic dust clears and we actually have a Spanish Grand Prix, though after the success of this past weekend maybe a 2nd race in China would be a good substitute!

As it stands now Jenson Button is top of the Drivers’ Championship on 60 points with Lewis Hamilton just 11 points behind in 4th place. McLaren sit proudly atop the Constructors’ Championship with 109 points which is 19 points ahead of second place Ferrari who don’t seem to be able to match their season opening success – shame! Updated standings can be found here. 2010 is turning into a great season as a McLaren fan, and as a fan of Lewis Hamilton I’m getting to see him put in some world class performances, to a level that puts him apart from the rest of the field – if the team can only get strategies right then he’ll be unstoppable.

Jenson Celebrates His Victory

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