McLaren Hoody Voting – The Final Round

For a bit of history on this, these previous blog posts may help:

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The winning entries have now been adapted by the McLaren merchandise design team and we are down to 3 final designs. I’m sure you are all agree that these final designs are all terrific, and I know I’d be proud to wear any of them. It’s now up to you to decide which design you want to see made into an actual hoody and made available for sale at the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Shop. You can only vote once, so make it count.

In a spirit of sportsmanship please do not campaign your own design but let McLaren get their fans to vote. You click any of the 3 images to see bigger versions.

McLaren Hoody #1

There are 2 variations with this hoody:

Unisex Option 1 without zip: RRP £49.95 incl. VAT (Vote Option 1 without Zip)

Unisex Option 1 with zip: RRP £54.95 (Vote Option 1 with Zip)

McLaren Hoody #2

Unisex Option 2 without zip: RRP £64.95 incl. VAT (Vote Option 2 without Zip)

McLaren Hoody #3

There are 2 variations with this hoody:

Unisex Option 3 without zip: RRP £49.95 incl. VAT (Vote Option 3 without Zip)

Unisex Option 3 with zip: RRP £54.95 (Vote Option 3 with Zip)
Votes will be collected for a week, so you have until 3pm next Wednesday (April 28th) to make your choice.




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22 responses to “McLaren Hoody Voting – The Final Round

  1. Juan

    I love Option 2. I think it makes the design very personable and it can be easily adjusted in case one driver moves on. Then you only need to buy the hood of the new driver’s helmet instead of a new hoodie to keep up to date 🙂

  2. Hmmm… not keen on any of those! 😦

  3. Scott Joslin

    I have gone for option 1.

    I really like the grey jumpers that the team is wearing this year, except I don’t like the price for one.

    The problem I have with option 2 is while it is a great idea, I can imagine news stories of Anti-Social behaviour up and down the country being reported accounting for hoody youths with Lewis Hamilton helmets… or am I sounding a bit David Cameron there?

  4. James Berry

    It’s option 3 for me, like the colours, nice a subtle, unlike option 2 which looks like the only thing it’s missing is flashing lights!

  5. Freddie

    I really like option 2 – it’s a very original idea and it’s great that it’ll look exactly like a real race suit!

    The other two are nice but a bit boring, option 2 is actually interesting.

  6. Michael

    Option 2 is it! Hmmm… is it a Lewis day or a Jenson day? Depending on your answer, this is your hoody for that day. Very cool. And… the design looks more like what the pit crew would wear and is more easily recognizable from those in the know.

  7. johnb

    option 3 for me…I fear that with option 2 the printing would wear pretty quickly and would end up looking pretty naff pretty quickly. if i’m spending that amount of money I’d want it to last…if it were embroided it would be a different story 🙂

  8. Daniel


    I always envisidged opt 2 having the patches like the real suit… Other than that I really like the design, and all the others!! Really good job McLaren designer guys!!

    Good luck to all

  9. Cookie

    Option 2 for me, I love that it’s a replica of what the whole team wears when they get down to business! I dont think the printing would be a problem as I’ve loads of hoodys and never had a problem before, although if it were embroidered and we had silverstone rain the dyes would probably run into the White! I think the cost could be brought down with a non removeable hood and you buy either the Jenson replica or the Lewis, and I’m pretty sure there are very few F1 fans that are in hoody gangs with asbo tags around their ankles!

  10. F1_Gal

    Option 1: you can wear it anywhere and still look good and appropriate. The trouble with option two is that you can’t wear that sweatshirt many places as it screams it’s message and isn’t “dress upable.” The colors make you think right away of team Macca whereas the other ones don’t. It also matches the rest of the McLaren apparel the most. Also, I’ve seen zip off hoodies on stuff before and it just looks bulky and weird.

  11. KBv1

    Its option 3 for me. Love the design and colors, I would wear it anywhere.

    The others..

    Option 1 – I like it but i don’t like it in black. If it was grey it would be a whole different story and i would defiantly buy it!

    Option 2 – Its a great idea but its OTT. I wouldn’t wear it anywhere else but my house unfortunately.

    • Phil

      I agree with you. Option 3 is the right one. Option 2 is good idea, but a little sad or even embarrassing. Its fine supporting your driver but wearing a hoody that looks like them is a little over the top.

  12. adam

    Option 1.

    I can see the appeal with 2 – yes, it looks like the pit uniform, etc…. but if you ever wore that out you’re going to look like a complete tool.

  13. Tom


  14. Daz

    No 1 is the better 1 of the three. No 2 is crazy! And No 3 is just boring.

    • KBv1

      Are you serious? There practically the same but different color! Like i said if No 1 was grey, it would be the best and i would buy it, but its not. Black is not the McLaren Color!

      • Daz

        I would like No1 in grey or black. Not enough detail in No3 for my liking but hey each to there own.

  15. Darrin crawford

    Where will I be able to get one?

  16. Joe

    i prefer option 3 as i like the colors n plus it will go well with me jeans and more important my hamilton hat goes with it too 🙂

    thought was a tough choice goin with option 3 and 1

    but option 2 it a very good design but i just dont like the looks of the helmet hoody thing just not me…id defo wear it if it wasnt the helmet design or if it wasnt a hoody thou

  17. Freddie

    When will we know to result?!
    I do hope Option 2 wins … 😛

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