The McLaren Hoody Design Competition – The Winner Is…

The Winning Design

Well done to Melissa Nathoo (@honeybee85) whose design, with zip version, won the vote of McLaren fans worldwide and will be made into an official piece of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes merchandise and sold on the McLaren eShop. A big well done to everyone who entered a design and a thank you to everyone who voted and made this such a success. Also, a huge thank you to the McLaren eShop for involving both myself and reaching out to all the fans via Twitter and on Facebook. All three designs were well received and all topped the polls at one time or another over the course of the last week.

Social Media and Social Networking are phrases that companies love to throw around, but there are few that actually know how to use these channels effectively. McLaren have shown full understanding, in this and other projects, and that the insight and participation of fans and followers can be just as, if not more important, than that of the organisation themselves, at times. For me personally it’s been a fun and enlightening project, both for my own participation and also seeing the feedback and interactivity from other McLaren fans.

To see what started off as a Tweet in February, culminating in a McLaren hoody that can be bought by people around the world will be a very fulfilling journey. It seems very apt that the winning design features the ‘Back to Back World Champions’ logo, less than 2 weeks after Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton scored McLaren’s first 1-2, since 2007, at the 2010 Chinese Grand Prix and McLaren proudly sits atop both the Drivers’ and Constructor’ championships.



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5 responses to “The McLaren Hoody Design Competition – The Winner Is…

  1. Excellent!

    What a fantastic competition, and amazing that McLaren have embraced the social media concept in such an effective way.

    Congrats to Melissa too. A great design.


  2. Beautifull & congratulations xx

  3. Annie

    Congrats to Melissa and McLaren as well for this great competition!
    It’s great to see that there’s a team in the professional and most of the time distant world of Formula-1 that listens to its fans.

    I’m sure that many fans will be very happy to get a piece, tho, I must say, I’m not gonna buy this hoody. Not only because this design wasn’t my first pick (would have been my second choice), but also because of the zip – a real hoody should *always* be zipless! 😉

    But anyway, I hope there will be many more opportunities to get involved with the team!

  4. Elliot Horwood

    Great Design i voted for it, but the zipless one!, zips make hoodies go wierd and bend where the zip is, i wont be buying one now, zipless i would have bought it

  5. Tim

    Nice! Actually, I think this will be one of the coolest pieces of F1 clothing out there!
    For the fans, by the fans.

    Interested to see if other teams follow McLaren’s lead on this. Great idea.

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