I think I’m a Hamilton fan, not a McLaren fan!

That’s probably not the post subject you’d expect to see on a blog called McLaren Fan Blog, but I think watching the race in Monza earlier has made me come to that realisation. The epiphany came when Lewis went out on the first lap and my heart sunk seeing Jenson Button in 1st, knowing full well that if it stayed like that then he’d only be a handful of points behind Lewis. There was then a chance that Jenson could end the season with more points than Lewis and possibly as champion, though not that likely. I didn’t like that – I wanted Lewis to be the highest placed McLaren driver, and when Alonso took the lead I was actually relieved that Jenson wouldn’t be as close to Lewis in the Driver’s Championship than I’d previously thought.

As I McLaren fan I should want either driver to win, I don’t.

To the people reading this post, I can imagine this will be a very unpopular opinion but all I can be is honest. It was Lewis Hamilton that first got me really interested in Formula 1 back at Fuji 2007, and it has now become clear that it’s him that I’m still firmly behind, and not the team he’s driving for. I want Lewis to be the number one driver in the team and I want Lewis to be a 2 time champion and not Jenson Button.

I guess this never became an issue before because in 2007 Hamilton was beating team mate Alonso and in 2008 and 2009 he was a long way ahead of Kovalainen. Earlier this season I had similar feelings but it was so early on that it didn’t seem like it could be a reality, not through the eyes of a staunch Lewis supporter. Now however, with just 5 races left, Jenson is a lot closer to Lewis and all it takes is a bit of bad luck and Lewis could be only the 2nd best McLaren driver – that’s something I’m not happy to accept..

I guess the ultimate question is if Lewis Hamilton drove for another team next year would I still support McLaren, and the answer is no. In fact if Lewis left Formula 1 I think my support would probably shift to Robert Kubica – he’s a great talent and my grandparents on my Mother’s side were Polish. Maybe it’s time I started thinking about renaming this Blog Hamilton fan Blog instead?



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14 responses to “I think I’m a Hamilton fan, not a McLaren fan!

  1. notme

    Too funny!!
    It’s perfectly normal to think that way!! That why we have favorite drivers!!! It’s ok!!

    Parents have the same problem!! and ’cause of that they can’t be call parents?!! . . . No!

    McLaren is the house Jenson and Lewis are growing up!!!

    It’s ok to have your favorite!! I turned off the TV after Lewis went off!! That makes me only a Lewis fan?! Absolutely not!!!

    BTW, Kubica es an idiot!!! with all my respects to your family!
    He has talent, but not BRAIN to get to be a champion!! Just my opinoin!! 😉

  2. Dani

    I think I came to the same conclusion today too! Even though it was Jenson who got me into F1. It’s Lewis all the way for me now!

  3. Refreshing for a fan to be honest. I can say that hand on heart I know I am a Lewis fan. Although I support McLaren, which I have done for years, Lewis does tend to take priority. If I support Jenson is it through gritted teeth and only if it benefits the team.

    Lewis has more passion about him and he is an out and out racer. Jenson needs to the car to be spot on in order to do a fraction of what Lewis can do with a car that isn’t perfect.

    • I was fine supporting Jenson when he was a supporting player to Lewis, but as a threat to his place in the team and his chances of winning the Championship, now that’s a different story and I’m not keen on that at all!

  4. Peter

    Great post! I can really understand the sentiments, but it’s not my feelings about it.

    I was gutted when Lewis crashed out, and that disappointment lasted the whole race, but that wasn’t down to the particular driver, it was the removal of the 2nd McLaren.

    I’ve never supported either of the drivers more than the other, and am happy to see whichever has the best race finish higher. Even if my favourite driver at the moment is Lewis, I will still be perfectly happy if Jenson fairly outscores him in the Champiopnship (mainly if he finishes as WDC).

    Alonso’s signing for the team is a classic example, I never really warmed to him, but was happy he joined (he was a 2x WDC, afterall), and if it had worked, would probably have praised him as one of the best we’d ever had.

    • My sentiment became abundantly clear when I as hoping for Alonso to pass Jenson and I was happy when he did. At that point I realised my support was not with the team, but solely with Lewis.

  5. Wendy

    Funny, in our house we have a three way split. Hubby is a true McLaren fan, just as happy if Jenson wins as Lewis. Would stick with them whoever their drivers were.
    My son who is 110% Lewis, hates to see Jenson beating him, and would follow Lewis to whatever team he drove for (except, he tells me, that Ferrari would be a problem for him!)
    Then there’s me. A Lewis supporter 100%, who tries to be fair and offer some support to Jenson. I find it hard, but as Lewis drives for McLaren, then his loyalty is to them. Therefore mine must be too – for now.
    I certainly did not enjoy the race yesterday anywhere near as much as the previous one. I would have rather seen Jenson win than Alonso, but then I hate to see him win anything, and yes I didn’t worry too much about watching every single minute of the race.
    I am certainly closer to my son’s way of thinking than my hubby’s. Lewis has a certain magic about his way of driving that is pure talent. Jenson can be good, but I totally agree – the car has to be perfect for him, whereas Lewis would wring something out of the worst car on track. (Might be fun to see him drive a Lotus around one race lol).
    This difference of opinion certainly makes for some heated discussions on race days!

    • My wife is a Button fan, though I’m sure that’s only because I’m a Hamilton fan and she always finds it funny to wind me up – like when she bought me Ferrari aftershave last year !!

  6. rubbergoat

    I’ve always been a fan of drivers over teams, so I see where you are coming from with this I suppose…

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