Free practice in Australia looking good for McLaren

I couldn’t sleep this morning so I gave up trying and turned on the TV to watch FP2. I was surprised but delighted to see Lewis and Jenson doing so well and when they ended up first and second fastest at the end of the session I wondered if my season was about to get a lot better.

I know you can’t read too much into the practice sessions but the MP4-26 is looking pretty good and capable of competing for podiums, something I didn’t think possible just a few hours ago. Of course we will know more this tomorrow when my world could come crashing down and we have a Red Bull front row, which let’s face it, would be utterly boring. That’s no slight on Vettel and Webber, it would just be nice to mix it up a bit, and yes, have McLaren at the front, particularly Lewis Hamilton!

Lewis Hamilton in his MP4-26

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