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Volatile Racing becomes the 2010 Fantasy Racing Entry

If you listen to Sidepodcast or visit the website you’ll know of the Fantasy Racing league they create each season over at Last year I did really badly, in fact I never went back to see my final position. The 2010 league has been set up, in fact it’s been there for about a month and details can be found here.

I’ve just entered my team: Volatile Racing – inspired by this post and this stunning photo:

Really NOT a McLaren MP4-25

When it comes to any kind of fantasy league I’m lazy, so I like the option to choose my team now and leave them untouched for the whole season, it’s what I did last season anyway! My team looks like this:

Volatile Racing

Lewis Hamilton is a given, no matter how expensive, he’s my favourite driver at my favourite team. Because of how it all works into a budget of £45 million I had to choose a £12 million driver as my second driver, unless I chose both HRT drivers which is just a no no. Given the choice of Schumacher, Weber and Rosberg I went with Weber – I trust Red Bull to perform more than Mercedes. Kovalainen I chose out of some kind of strange loyalty due to his 2 years at McLaren, that and I think he’ll do well in the right team, which I believe Lotus is. Afraid to say Glock and Senna were just using up the budget!

So, enter yourself, and whether you enter now or already have, come back and leave a comment telling me who your team is, and your drivers…if you dare!


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