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30 Of The Greatest F1 Battles – do you agree?

The folks over at have written an interesting blog post about 30 Of The Greatest F1 Battles. What’s particularly interesting to me, as someone who has only been really into Formula 1 since Japan 2007, is how few of the 30 are recent. In fact it’s actually a battle between Massa and Kubica from that very Grand Prix in Japan from 2007 that is the only representative from the last 4 years that I’ve been watching.

It had me trying to think of any I might add from the last few years and I have to admit that I am struggling to think of any. Does that mean that the F1 that I enjoy now is only a shadow of the excitement that the sport used to offer? There’s certainly been nothing from this season that would even get a sniff at a list like this.



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