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The catch-up blog: Barcelona, Monaco and boredom!

First off, apologies for the lack of updates – I was on holiday and then when we got back I was poorly (ahhh!) and work and other things have been really hectic, so yeah, sorry!

OK, that over with, what’s been going on in Formula 1? Well, to start with I found the Spanish Grand Prix from last week to be the most boring race I have ever seen, and this is coming from someone who wasn’t bored during the Bahrain Grand Prix from, earlier in the season. To make matters worse, Lewis Hamilton has the tyre/wheel problem on the penultimate lap which saw him crash out, and with it the opportunity to go second in the Championship. Instead of being just a few points behind then leader Jenson Button, he was left floundering 21 points behind his team mate.

Fast forward a week and while qualifying was a lot of fun, it seemed that Lewis and Jenson were really struggling to get anything out of the car, which was reflected in the qualifying positions of 5th (Lewis) and 8th (Jenson). The race saw Jenson retire from an over-heated car during the first couple of laps under safety car conditions – something about a bung left in!? Lewis went on to keep his 5th place, but never looked like he would have troubled Felipe Massa even if over-taking was possible.

Confession time – I don’t get the Monaco Grand Prix! Sure it’s a spectacular location but it’s somewhat of a procession, and doesn’t seem to provide much in the way of action, at least from my limited experience of watching races from there. This week’s race, for example, was pretty dull, and the only thing of interest was seeing how much of a lead Mark Weber could build up after each session of safety car racing. Please, can someone explain to me why the Monaco race is so revered?

I’m hoping that we see some interesting races over the next few weeks and months, because these last 2 races have all but destroyed my enthusiasm. I have no doubt I’ll bounce back with my usual exuberance once we see some action, and with it lots of blog updates and discussion. Till then, fill me in on the Monaco love and let me know what you thought of the last 2 races.



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Race Prediction: Monaco Grand Prix 2009

24 hours ago I was predicting Lewis Hamilton would get his season back on track with a podium finish, possibly even a victory. Of course that is almost impossible now that he starts from the back of the grid after crashing in the first qualifying session yesterday and needing a gearbox change. The hopes of McLaren sit with Heikki Kovalainen today as he starts from 7 on the grid.

The Ferraris seem to back on form with Raikkonen 2nd on the grid and Massa 5th. Somehow Jenson Button managed to pull an amazing last lap out of the bag to get his 4th pole position of the season as Brawn GP team mate Rubens Barichello (happy birthday for yesterday) in 3rd, as Sebastian Vettell fills out the top 5 in 4th. The last person ahead of Kovalainen is Nico Rosberg in 6th.

So, race prediction…

1st – Kimi Raikkonen

2nd – Jenson Button

3rd – Sebastian Vettell

6th – Heikki Kovalainen

12th – Lewis Hamilton

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McLaren: Year on Year Comparison – Race 5

With the Spanish Grand Prix having taken place this 2 weekends ago (I know, I’ve been slack!), it’s time to compare progress this year, against the same point in the F1 season 2008.

2008 2009
LH HK McLaren LH HK McLaren
TOTAL 28 19 47 TOTAL 9 4 13
Australian 10 4 14 Australian 0 0 0
Malaysian 4 6 10 Malaysian 1 0 1
Bahrain 0 4 4 Chinese 3 4 7
Spanish 6 0 6 Bahrain 5 0 5
Turkish 8 5 13 Spanish 0 0 0

Do I really need to say much? It’ not like we didn’t know that this season is paling into comparison to the 2008 season! With Lewis Hamilton qualifying for this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix in 20th it’s unlikely he’ll be adding to his points total. Heikki Kovalainen has a better chance in 7th but there are some blistering quick cars in Monaco this weekend.

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