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McLaren Predictions for 2011

It’s probably far too early to make a prediction for 2011without seeing the cars on a race weekend but that’s half the fun. I want you to predictthe following:

1. Where Lewis will finish in the Drivers Championship
2. Where Jenson will finish in the Drivers Championship
3. Where Mclaren will finish in the Constructors Championship
4. Who will win the Drivers Championship
5. Who will win the Constructors Championship

At the end of the season there will be a prize for whoever gets closest to getting all 5 questions correct, and in the event of a tie, names will be pulled from a hat. Just leave a comment with your predictions and feel free to add any more predictions for the season – I’ll feature another blog with the best ones!

Here are my predictions:

1. Lewis – 4th
2. Jenson – 6th
3. McLaren – 3rd
4. Sebastian Vettel
5. Red Bull

Over to you!


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Race Prediction: Chinese Grand Prix 2010

1st – Sebastian Vettel
2nd – Fernando Alonso
3rd – Mark Weber

4th – Jenson Button

6th – Lewis Hamilton

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Race Prediction: Malaysian Grand Prix 2010

1st Sebastian Vettel
2nd Mark Weber
3rd Nico Rosberg

6th Lewis Hamilton

9th Jenson Button

I believe it will be 3rd time lucky for the Red Bulls, with Sebastian Vettel taking the victory. Determined to make amends for last week, Lewis Hamilton will have a storming race to make 6th, while Jenson Button, who is not so comfortable in his car this week, will make up 8 places to 9th place.

Agree or disagree? Leave a comment with your prediction!

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Race Prediction: Australian Grand Prix 2010

1st = Sebastian Vettel
2nd = Fernando Alonso
3rd = Jenson Button

5th = Lewis Hamilton

I have a feeling that luck won’t be on Weber’s side in his home Grand Prix. I’m banking on Lewis to have cleared his mind of off track shenanigans of yesterday and to be totally focused on gaining places and getting as many points as possible – in the zone there a few who can do what he can.


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Race Prediction: Bahrain Grand Prix 2010

1st – Fernando Alonso
2nd – Sebastian Vettel
3rd – Lewis Hamilton

7th – Jenson Button

I know Felipe Massa qualified above both Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, but I have a feeling that today is the Spaniards day and he’ll have a fairytale first race with Ferrari. I’m banking on Lewis having better race pace than in qualifying, plus I’m letting my heart rule my head a bit with my prediction of him coming in 3rd, and his first podium of many this season.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=bahrain+f1&iid=8233363″ src=”b/b/0/6/F1_Grand_Prix_f212.jpg?adImageId=11239134&imageId=8233363″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]
Jenson looked like he was struggling with the car yesterday, but I still think he’ll make up a place to 7th, though he’ll finish the race somewhat frustrated with himself and the car. Whatever happens today, the guy who comes in first will not only win the race but get a huge 25 points to lead the Driver’s Championship. If a team gets a 1-2 finish then they’ll be leading the Constructor’s Championship with 43 points!

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Race Prediction: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2009

1st – Lewis Hamilton
2nd – Sebastian Vettel
3rd – Jenson Button

12th – Heikki Kovalainen

Button will do well to get past Barrichello and Weber but I have a romantic notion that we’ll see two Brits on the podium, which considering the success of Hamilton and especially Button this year, seems odd that it hasn’t happened before.

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Race Prediction: Monaco Grand Prix 2009

24 hours ago I was predicting Lewis Hamilton would get his season back on track with a podium finish, possibly even a victory. Of course that is almost impossible now that he starts from the back of the grid after crashing in the first qualifying session yesterday and needing a gearbox change. The hopes of McLaren sit with Heikki Kovalainen today as he starts from 7 on the grid.

The Ferraris seem to back on form with Raikkonen 2nd on the grid and Massa 5th. Somehow Jenson Button managed to pull an amazing last lap out of the bag to get his 4th pole position of the season as Brawn GP team mate Rubens Barichello (happy birthday for yesterday) in 3rd, as Sebastian Vettell fills out the top 5 in 4th. The last person ahead of Kovalainen is Nico Rosberg in 6th.

So, race prediction…

1st – Kimi Raikkonen

2nd – Jenson Button

3rd – Sebastian Vettell

6th – Heikki Kovalainen

12th – Lewis Hamilton

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